Planning and Support Services by the Manufacturer

For special jobs, benefit from our know-how in the field of sound absorption with ALPHA-AKUSTIK®! From planning over measurement to expert’s reports: Rely on our extensive experience gathered from a great variety of projects to receive premium quality. Your project will advance quickly thanks to our professional services with their convincing price/performance ratio.

Our scope of services:

  • Project planning and design of sound-absorbing systems
  • Measurement of reverberation period acc. to DIN EN ISO 3382:2006
  • Measurement of airborne sound insulation between rooms in buildings acc. to ISO 140 - part 3
  • Measurement of impact sound insulation of ceilings in buildings acc. to ISO 140 - part 7
  • Measurement of sound absorption in the reverberation chamber acc. to DIN EN ISO 354
  • Determination of sound insulation acc. to DIN EN ISO 140, part 3

Expert’s reports on room and building acoustics

under consideration of the applicable standards and guideline, e.g. :

  • DIN 18041 – Speech intelligibility in small to medium-sized rooms
  • VDI 2569 – Sound protection and acoustic design in the office
  • DIN EN 12354-6 – Calculation of the acoustic characteristics of a building on the basis of the properties of its components
  • DIN EN ISO 140, part 7 – Measurement of insulation of impact sound of ceilings in buildings
  • DIN EN ISO 140, part 4 – Measurement of insulation of airborne sound