Staudigel Flex Paravent Büro
Staudigel Flex Paravent Wartezimmer
Staudigel Flex Paravent Raumteiler

The Flex room divider by Staudigel

Highest flexibility and quality for your spatial hygiene concept

  • Safety: The Flex room divider securely prevents droplet infections like a plexiglass pane.
  • Peace: Your workplace also serves as a customer consultation area. The Flex room divider ensures that you can speak in peace here, free from distraction or interruption.
  • Flexibility: The Flex room divider can be set up in various lengths and widths in no time and - if you don't need it once - rolled up and stored in a space-saving manner.
  • Quality: The Flex room divider is manufactured in our factory in Veitshöchheim, in the heart of Germany, and is made of high-quality wooden slats that enclose the flexible foam core.

As a specialist in sound absorption, furniture construction, and wall design, we know about the numerous advantages that the Flex room divider offers you in implementing your hygiene concept in a flexible, safe, and aesthetic way. Feel free to contact us at any time! We are happy to support you.