ALPHA SUBLI-LITE - Exact finishing

Unique surfaces and individual design options are behind the idea of ​​developing this new kind of acoustic collection.

The innovation lies in the surface structure in connection with the micro-perforation acoustic effect.

In close cooperation with the company Strasser AG Thun and their own brand sublidot® the material is sublimated and refined by laser. The material does not burn, but goes directly from the solid to the gaseous state.

The result is a clean surface without slags and frayed edges.

Alpha SUBLI-LITE is an acoustic panel made of MDF in 19mm thickness. With sublidot® we have found a perfect partner that allows us to produce personalized acoustic panels. There are virtually no limits to creativity.

The acoustic panels can be individually incorporated into any concept in the form of cabinet fronts, wall and ceiling cladding with acoustic effect.