ALPHA-AKUSTIK - Acoustically effective interiors

Comfortable climate for living and learning

Contemporary architecture uses many reverberative materials, for example stone, concrete, glass, and aluminum. To achieve agreeable room acoustics, it is therefore necessary to install sound absorbers.

Besides meeting all technical requirements, sound-absorbing systems must leave leeway for architectural design. The ALPHA-AKUSTIK® element comes up to this double function as a provider of good room acoustics and as a design feature.

The product, ALPHA-AKUSTIK®, developed by Staudigel can be used as ceiling or wall paneling or as furniture doorsets.

It is available on a per-order basis with veneer, printed veneer, or painted surface.

Install our ALPHA-AKUSTIK® sound absorption systems to profit from a wide range of benefits. Make use of our long years of experience in acoustics and sound absorption. Get extensive support in selecting and planning the ideal solution. Keep costs to a minimum with elements manufactured individually according to your plans on a per-order basis.

Enjoy premium product and design quality with ALPHA-AKUSTIK® sound absorption systems!